James Bearzatto at Myers Hyundai


I’m James.  I sell great cars to better clients at Myers Hyundai.

Here’s why I’m your BEST choice when you’re trying to decide who to do business with.

I’m AVAILABLE.  I believe that in this business, to do your job correctly, you have to be very available to your clients.

I’m the guy who offers his personal cell number to his clients, and if I’m awake, I answer my calls and texts ASAP.  I’ve got WhatsApp, I access all my email on my phone, you can reach me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, you can call my dealership, walk in and find me… whatever works best for your schedule.  I’m here, and I’m at your service.

You’re NEVER interrupting me by reaching out – you ARE my entire business and I’m ALWAYS glad to hear from you.

I’m KNOWLEDGEABLE.  I believe that in this business, to do your job correctly, you need to have a wide and diverse knowledge of not only your own products, but your competitors.

I know our Hyundai product inside and out.  I know how you use these cars, why you buy them, and what you love about them.  I know what you liked about your last car, and why you’re trading it in.  I know how to use our Myers dealer network and inventory to get you a great deal, or to help you build and enjoy exactly the car you want.

I’m your expert, YOUR car guy, and I take a lot of pride in that role.  You can always count on me for informed, honest advice.

I’m FRIENDLY.  I believe that in this business, to do your job correctly, you need to first help strangers become friends, and then help friends become clients.

I move at your speed.  Quick and courteous, or politely methodical.  I don’t care about selling you a car RIGHT NOW; I care that you buy the right car for your needs and your budget, when you’re ready.  Sometimes that process takes a day.  Sometimes that takes a year.  There’s no pressure, no demands – only dedicated client service with a smile.

I’m here to help with YOUR car buying process.  I respect your priorities and I’m committed to doing business YOUR way.

CALL or TEXT me at (613) 798-3325 or fill out the form below to connect with me!