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Bittersweet Goodbye to Star Motors

It’s with a sense of optimism and excitement for the future, and a heavy heart at the present that as of last Friday, April 21st, 2017… I formally resigned from Star Motors of Ottawa and joined the Myers group in a management role for our Hyundai store out in Bells Corners, with an eye towards our new Myers Barrhaven Hyundai store opening up at some point this late summer / fall.

While I feel blessed, honoured and challenged by my new role and the opportunity it presents for my personal development and career, I leave behind a store in Star Motors that I truly, honestly did love working for.

Let me tell you why I loved working at Star:

Thank you Jeff Mierens and Yves Laberge for bringing me on board and giving me the latitude to be myself and treat my clients the way I felt they should be treated.  I appreciate that most of all – Star Motors let me run my business of selling cars and taking care of my clients with no micromanagement, with genuine support, and I’ll say for the record that in terms of everyday work flow and environment, Star Motors is unquestionably an excellent place to work, live and sell cars.

Thank you to my boys on the sales floor – Adam, Kass, Sal, Gord, Dennis, Terry, Miles, Phil, Melissa… you guys made it fun and friendly to come to work, and our team atmosphere was phenomenal.  I’ll remember it fondly and hope I get to work with you guys again at some point later in our careers.

Thank you to our all-star sales support staff – Mony, Ana, Luis, Nathan, our stellar detail team.  Our receptionists Cassandra, Winnie and even Josee who moved on before I left.  The very best people in these sort of roles make everything easy, make it all work like a well-oiled machine, and I’ve never seen such a strong team in that respect.  I appreciated all your help immensely and I can say I would never have had the success I had at Star Motors if not for your incredible hard work to make the business of selling cars efficient, easy, and customer focused.

Thank you to my guys in parts and service, the people I came to lean on to ensure our customers are getting the help they need post-sale – Chris, Holly and Robert on the service desk, Trevor Button in client relations, Joe and Pete and Dan in parts, Kyle and Pat at the body shop, Steve, Shane, Tony, Davinder in the back swinging the wrenches.  Great team overall, thank you guys.

Thank you to my incredible clients and friends that chose to do business with me this past year.  Please know that I did not abandon you!  It’s not you, it’s me!  🙂  This was an opportunity that I had to jump on, and I am still at your disposal.  My cell number will remain the same at 613-798-3325.  Call me, text me, reach out to me through my website here – if you need help with your Mercedes I can put you in touch with the right people and ensure you’re taken care of.  And if, of course, you or someone in your network is looking for an affordable car – you KNOW that they’ll receive the same great Mercedes-Benz service while they shop Hyundai with me at my new store.

And finally, thank you to my beautiful wife Shannon who is a constant source of support, insight and direction for me.  Thank you to my old friends Mustafa, Ali and AJ for inviting me to come work with them at Hyundai and help take their store to the next level.

We’re gonna have some fun this year.  Hyundai’s motto is ‘New Thinking.  New Possibilities.’

Well here’s to new possibilities.  Stay tuned!


~ James  🙂


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