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Social media and this blog, for me, works as a marketing channel.  Social media is also my platform to present my personal opinions and my commentary on life and the state of my industry.  It is both, at the same time.  It is one and the same, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

I firmly believe that my strength as a person and as a sales professional is my authenticity.  I am the same guy whether you see me at work on the showroom floor, on the ice with my men’s league hockey league, at home, at my cigar lounge, as a guest in your home, hanging out with my closest friends and family, alone with my wife, or my cat, or just by myself with my thoughts.

I am direct, honest, and always to the point.  You’re never getting an act with me.  I only have so many hours in the day to live, work and enjoy this wonderful life that I’ve built with my wife and my workplace.  I’m not going to waste my time or yours.

I also invest all of myself in all of my relationships.  I’m an ‘all-in’ kind of guy.  I’m terrible when it comes to half-measures.  Whether you’re a client, a co-worker, or a stranger, you are 110% welcome to everything I can do for you.

Now with that all said – these days it seems I’m constantly having to censor myself, especially when it comes to my social media.  On a regular basis I post social media photos and comments that always seem to rub someone the wrong way.  I suppose it’s become so easy nowadays to be too forward, too direct, too abrasive, too insensitive, too inflammatory, too eager, too…  something.

If you’re celebrating something – well, now you’re just bragging.

If you’re confident in your abilities – you’re arrogant.

If you’re quick witted and articulate – you’re a smart ass.

But the flip side of that seems worse to me.  It seems full of empty platitudes, robotic policies, fake kindness, colourless advertising spam, repetitive commentary…  I feel like I respect people’s intelligence enough to know that they see through these stiff-collared, banal approaches to marketing.  I see these messages, I scroll past this badly designed noise every day on the exact same social media channels where I post what I post.

“We’re having a sale!  Limited time offer!  Click here to save $$$!”

That kind of message right there is the death of soul.  It’s not talking WITH anybody, it’s just talking AT them.  It’s just more noise in an already very crowded world.

In the end, marketing (and by extension, customer service) is all about connection.  Connecting people with products.  Connecting products with ideas.  Connecting ideas with people.  Connecting PEOPLE with PEOPLE.

That’s my purpose.  I’m a communicator.  I talk and I laugh and I joke and inform and teach and advise and share and I will always be that guy.  I will always be looking to engage, to listen…  to invest in my relationships, as the same honest guy, giving people the same honest version of myself whether they are my client, my colleague, my family member or the strangers I meet every day out in the world.

I poke and I prod and I push boundaries to make sure I’m noticed so that the people that DO respond well to me and DO enjoy my honest, direct style can actually FIND me out in amidst all that lazy, superficial noise. 

I don’t think I’m changing the world or making an impact just peddling cars.  I don’t get out of bed to just sell cars.

I make an impact by building great relationships, building great networks, and helping people solve problems and find happiness in the decisions they make.

If what I’m writing resonates with you, and you’re in the market for a Mercedes-Benz in Ottawa, ON – you already know by now that I’m the guy for you.  Shoot me a call or a text and let me know how I can help!  613-798-3325


~ James  🙂

1 thought on “Authenticity”

  1. You are the most honest and straight forward person I’ve ever met. The world would be less complicated if it had more people like you in it.


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