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What we do affects everyone

So I’m sitting up at the front desk on a slow night, the other night, and it must have been getting near to closing time for the service department, 5:00 or 5:30pm, something like that.  And as I’m chatting with the reception staff and another sales colleague, one of our technicians here at Star Motors of Ottawa is getting something off the communal printer and he turns to me and says that he’s been seeing all these great reviews I’ve been getting on and Google Reviews and whatnot.

So I say good, that’s why I’m asking my clients to help me with their public reviews, it’s great marketing and it’s nice to have a visible presence online in hopes that I can attract more clients that I’ll be able to help find a great Mercedes-Benz vehicle that suits them.

And he tells me, and I’m paraphrasing here, something along the lines of, “Well yeah, that’s good but we used to have a lot of shitty reviews and frankly it was kind of embarrassing.  I feel better working here with better reviews online, we look a lot better now.”

And listening to his point, I felt like I was hit with a ton of bricks.  I hadn’t previously considered that my work in the sales department and how I conduct myself and treat our clients and guests, how that would affect how our service staff would feel about working at Star Motors.  It was a real eye opener to me.

So I guess I’m writing this post to just say thanks to this technician who took time out of his day to share his point of view with me.  I’m proud of the work I do here and I’m glad that the side-effect of my modest success here at Star Motors improves the overall dealership brand, both publicly for current and future clients, but also among the staff here where I work.

Not everyone can claim they work with excellent people but I’m fortunate to be able to brag a little bit – I have great co-workers and colleagues, even when people are having a rough day they’re still awesome and personable and willing to help.  It’s one of the many reasons I work at Star Motors.

I’m glad that our improved online footprint and the way we present ourselves is something our staff can continue to take pride in, and I encourage anyone reading this to take a second and consider how your efforts, both good and bad, and your work, both successes and failures, affect your colleagues and improve or diminish their pride in their work.

Sometimes the people you help best, you’ve never even realized you’ve helped.  It’s probably best to just aim to do a great job every day, because while you might never be as lucky as I was to get direct feedback about it, you may very well be making someone’s day.


~ James  🙂

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