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Customer Feedback is IMPORTANT!

Often times with blogs or social media accounts attached to a company or a service, they only show the bright side of how their operation goes, only the polished side or the perfect services offered.  I think maybe back in the day, that was expected, and well received.

I think nowadays however, that’s a disingenuous approach.  Things go wrong in any business, despite the best efforts and good intentions of any organization to try to keep things running smoothly, and in those moments, I think any business is better off learning from their hiccups, and taking their client feedback seriously.

One of our loyal clients at Star Motors delivered to us as part of his post delivery survey a number of very reasonable improvements we could explore here at Star, and I thought giving them some public light in this post would be a solid thing to do – both to admit publicly that things don’t always go perfectly in this business, but also as a sort of “Thank You” to a valued client for taking the time to make some sensible recommendations to us at Star.

We can always be better, do more, and work harder for our clients.

Taking their feedback seriously and looking for opportunities to improve our client experience is a major priority, and we can’t ignore our client’s comments when we publicize them like I’m doing here.

Without further ado, here’s the list!

  1. Have a dedicated delivery specialist.
  2. Have a checklist to ensure that all components associated with the delivery are completed to a standard that meets or exceeds MB expectations.
  3. Ensure that delivery specialist visually inspects vehicle prior to delivery to confirm that all items associated with checklist are completed to the accepted standard.
  4. If special requirements/requests are made by customer as part of delivery (i.e. to not having front license plate mount attached), ensure that these requests are clearly identified and confirmed as part of the pre-delivery inspection checklist.
  5. Ensure that tire pressure matches that of recommended tire pressure setting posted in gas cap for both front and rear wheels.
  6. For new vehicles, ensure that all pre-delivery related stickers are removed from the exterior of the vehicle door jams, etc.  (This includes additional protective covering material around consoles and other protected interior items.)
  7. For new vehicles, I would suggest leaving the protective covering on the Command / Navigation screen.  (This allows the customer to remove it themselves at either time of delivery or post – similar process to when you buy an iPhone from Apple.)
  8. When selling a used MB vehicle, ensure that the paint behind the pre-mounted rear license plate bracket is not damaged by screws used to hold license plates to said bracket.
  9. If demonstrating features like Park Assist, please ensure that demonstration of said feature results in perfect execution of the feature functionality.  (Not all conditions are ideal based on make and model, but for demo purposes this should be flawless.

Adam’s additional comments:

Attention to detail is paramount for all departments, not just the salesperson, to contribute to the overall success in delivering a vehicle.  Having a delivery specialist can help bring a level of consistency across all deliveries.  Having experienced the MB purchase process on many occasions with and without a delivery specialist, my personal experience has concluded that utilizing a delivery specialist has been the way to go.

Furthermore, you may want to also consider including the delivery specialist, associated sales person and sales manager business cards with the MB Owners Manual book package. There are 2 pre-cut slots specifically for this purpose.

Lastly, if you are planning on presenting a pen to customers as part of a vehicle purchase, you could seamlessly incorporate this as part of the delivery process when a customer is signing the finalized paperwork.

As you can see, our client took his time in making clear, well-reasoned suggestions.  This is a guy who is a long time Mercedes-Benz client, an owner of some of the top end AMG models, and arguably a sort of brand ambassador for the Mercedes-Benz attitude.

I very much appreciate having him as our client here at Star Motors and I hope we’re able to incorporate his ideas into our discussions as a sales team of how we can continue to improve the service we deliver to clients like him.

For myself and on behalf of Star Motors of Ottawa, we thank Adam for his suggestions and for his continued relationship with us, and we appreciate his continued support.

For anyone else reading this that might work in the automotive sales industry, I encourage you to do something similar – make your customer’s comments public, and take them seriously.  Use your marketing and advertising channels for more than just offering products to customers.  Respect your client’s time enough to invest in their desires.

More times than not, the very best service you’re providing to your clients is LISTENING to them – these people are passionate about YOUR brand, and their feedback is the best resource you’re either using – or squandering.

All the best,

~ James  🙂

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