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Why I drive a 2017 C43 AMG

I started with Star Motors of Ottawa at the very end of May 2016, and with 2016 now coming to a close, and my tenure here well past my probation period, I’ve learned a few things in my first 7 month with Star Motors:

  1. I love this place.  Everyone here at Star Motors gets up, comes to work, and we’re all on the same page – no matter what it takes, take care of the customer.  There’s never any pushback to this core idea.  Everyone knows that’s the rule, that’s the goal, that’s the expectation.  I believe that’s the only way to do business.
  2. I love this brand.  These cars are comfortable, they’re fast, they’re well built and they’re beautiful beyond description.  Almost our entire lineup has been recently redesigned and updated into market leading cars in almost every segment.  People wear the three-pointed star proudly.  We have great swag – hats, jackets, key chains, wine glasses, golf tees.  We’re all about ‘representing’ our passion for these cars.
  3. And finally, *I* need a Mercedes-Benz.  These are the cars I’m selling on an every day basis, to my friends and family, and to the lovely clientele I meet every day I head into work.  I need to be ‘representing’ properly the brand I’m proud to sell.

Okay, so with that decided, out with my old 2012 Infiniti G37x and into…  what?  This was my question I’ve been wrestling with for the past few months.

I’m going to walk you through my process here as sometimes, seeing how other people make their decisions can help understand some of the key questions that one asks when trying to decide how to get the right value for their money from a luxury investment.

I’ve always been a sport sedan kind of guy, and coming from Infiniti that was an easy car to drive – I’ve had two Infiniti G37x’s and a 2014 Infiniti Q50 Hybrid.  I like style, I like power, I like technology.  I’m still a younger guy, no kids yet, and my wife drives our SUV so there’s no need for a second one right now, even though in the long term I could absolutely see myself rocking a big GLE 43 AMG coupe or something beastly like that.

So first I looked at the new 2017 Mercedes-Benz E300.  I figure this is the technology leader right now of just about any car on the road, it’s up there with the Tesla…  but when I drove it I realized that I’m going to have a struggle getting used to a 4-cylinder.  It’s a powerful, smooth 4-cylinder, but I’m used to that V6 horsepower and sound, and as a self-confessed car guy, I just can’t get used to the idea.

So scrapping that, I start looking at an E43 AMG – I figure okay, we get all the nice tech options that the new E class does so well…  but now I get the full AMG steering setup, the AMG tuned 4MATIC system and AMG tuned 9-speed tranny, the AMG RIDE CONTROL adaptive dampening suspension…  all the good bits that make the car drive like it’s got purpose.


And quickly my quote is over 100k and I’m like mumbling to myself, “Okay, slow down James, this is nuts – you don’t even really need four doors right now and you’re quoting out a giant executive sports saloon.”

So now I’m looking at the C300 coupe.  I’m saying to myself okay, more reasonable price, can still load it out fairly nicely…  I start clicking off options.  Get the Burmester sound system, toss the tech options in there…  I’m thinking maybe the Canvasite Blue on the Saddle Brown leather, aiming for a bit of a Bentley-esque luxury coupe attitude.  I’m loving the styling here, the new 2017 Mercedes-Benz C300 coupe looks like a baby S class coupe, and that car is damn near perfect.



Once I’ve built the quote though, I realize that the price tag is up to 63-65k on my coupe… and for about 68k-70k I could grab a C43 AMG sedan.  Now I get all my AMG parts and tuning AND a full show engine AND all my tech…

Can’t do blue on brown though for the sedan, gotta find something else…  now it’s an AMG, maybe we do black on red?  Get the nice dark ash wood?  I’m 95% there at this point, get ready to place an order in for this slick looking sedan…

And then a 2017 Mercedes-Benz C43 AMG 4MATIC coupe in black on red with carbon fibre trim shows up in my showroom, and it’s perfect.  It’s got all the looks, all the power and engineering, all the technology, and the colour combo just oozes AMG.

I mean just look at this beast:



Dat interior, right??

My opinion?  These new ’43’ AMG cars are literally the best value you can find in a Mercedes these days.  This coupe will bang out 0-100 km/h in 4.5 seconds.  For an extra $40,000 you can get a RWD 2017 Mercedes-Benz C63 AMG that will do that same run in 4.0 seconds.  Pretty freakin’ close.

The 43 is going to have the same steering, same adaptive suspension, same brakes, same interior touches as the 63.  And the normal Mercedes stuff, the 4MATIC, the engine, the tranny – they’re all tuned up and adjusted by AMG to perform at their best.

I am beyond excited to pick up my first Mercedes-Benz, my first AMG, and my first sport coupe.  I hope that how I feel about this car is how all my passionate, ‘car guy’ clients also feel about their first Mercedes-AMG.

This car is unreal and I’m tremendously proud to drive it.  Like many Mercedes-AMG customers, I work bloody hard and take a lot of pride in what I do.  If I can help you feel the same way about your next Mercedes-AMG… well, like all our staff here at Star Motors – we absolutely want to take care of our customer.

So please, let me know how best I can help.

~ James  🙂

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